Similarities Between John Winthrop 'And A Model Of Christian Charity'

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Emily Mullins Block two 9/28 1. John Winthrop and “a model of Christian charity”- J. Winthrop was the governor of the puritans’ “city on a hill”. This was a model of Christianity and set utopian goals for itself. The puritans changed English society and caused colonies to grow 2. Roger Williams- his beliefs differed from the puritans. He believed in separation of church and state and religions should be treated equally. He was banished and established the colony of providence. 3. Anne Hutchinson and Antinomians- Hutchinson’s views differed from the Puritans’ ideals. She was banished but had a strong base of followers called “antinomians”. They settled Rhode Island. 4. Conversion relation- to become part of the Puritan religion,…show more content…
Stuart restoration-Charles II was restored to the throne after Cromwell died and left the Puritans. They no longer cared for New England. 10. Half way covenant- compromise for baptized parents that were not saints that allowed them to get their children baptized. Limited church membership caused Puritans to choose worldly power over spiritual power. Saints were a shrinking minority. 11. “Praying towns” “praying Indians”- Indian world was destroyed. Puritan missionaries set up “praying towns” so Indians could receive religious help. Indians became “Christian Indians”. This sparked a war and led the Indians back to where they had begun. 12. King Phillip’s war- war between Indian and English supporters of metacom and the colonists that killed 5% of colonists and twice as many Indians, including Metacom. The Indian population was decreased by 40% in southern England and eliminated resistance to white expansion 13. Indentured servants- people who come to America and work as a slave for an agreed upon number of years in return for freedom or property. They shaped the Chesapeake society until diseases killed them off 14. Virginia House of Burgesses and royal governor’s council- two chambers of legislature created in the 1650’s. this made it easier to make and pass
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