Applying For a Job Purpose Essay

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Before one get a job one must apply for one. At times jobs are simple to find, but they can also be hard. The first thing one must do is research the job they are looking for. There are many ways to look for a job and at the same time, many jobs. Because there are so many, a person must really filter their search in order to find exactly what they want and enjoy. The second concern one should have in mind is that certain jobs call for certain requirements that must be obtained but one must be careful because work sites can be tricky. When one has done their research. The last thing one must do is fill out an application, set up an interview, get ready to fight for a position and prepare yourself to dedicate your time to your upcoming job. A person must do his/her research to find a job, it wont magically come around, like some people think. In most cases jobs can be a hassle to find, but this is not true sometimes. Jobs can be found by many ways; by hearing opportunities from a friend, advertisement in the media, in school, or special programs. Another useful method is to have a friend within a company who may connect you to a job because they are aware of the available opportunities within the office. Another way to find a job is through the media; we all watch television, listen to the radio, and read the newspaper, so there should be something that a person can find of interest to him or her. Rosario 2 When one is looking for a job, one should find out if they meet the requirements given, especially if they are a high school or college student because most places have age and experience limits. Certain sites require a particular age. For example, cellular phone companies which require the age of twenty-one. Different positions or sites require a certain degree, no drug usage, and especially no felonies; those can make or break a

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