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Intake Marla is a 42-year-old Hispanic woman. She came to the mental health clinic to seek help with some symptoms that have been troubling her. Marla has stated that she is suffering from sleep disturbances, feeling jumpy all of the time, and an inability to concentrate. She also stated that these symptoms are causing her problems at work. Marla now fears that her job is at risk because of her inability to concentrate. Further analysis of Marla’s symptoms is required in order to make the correct diagnosis. As it stands the suspected diagnosis is either major depression or dysthymic disorder. Further questioning will be needed in order to clearly determine which disorder Marla is suffering from. After Marla has been diagnosed she will learn the possible causes of her disorder as…show more content…
3) What are some important events from your childhood? 4) What is your daily routine? 5) How would you describe yourself today? 6) What do you think is wrong with you? 7) Have you had any significant romantic relationships? 8) Are you currently in a relationship or would you like to be? 9) What makes you happiest in your current life? 10) What upsets you most in your current life? Marla stated that there is a history of mental illness in her family citing that both of her parents suffered from depression. Marla also indicated that she had some problems growing up. She stated that she witnessed her parents fight a lot and as a result spent much time alone in her bedroom. When asked about important events that she can remember from her childhood she states that at the age of 10 she experienced the death of a sibling, after which her parents moved to a new city where she felt she did not fit in. She was often taunted and teased by her fellow classmates. Marla was also asked about her daily routine. She said she wakes up around five o’clock in the morning, showers, and dresses and eats a quick breakfast. She leaves

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