Teen Risk Factors

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Teen Risk Factors: Teens confront many risk factors in this modern world. These factors include obesity, depression, dating violence, smoking, loss of hearing, driving while texting, drowsy or intoxicated, sexting, pregnancy, unhealthy diets, diseases etc. Depression is a major risk factor that happens for numerous reasons; it affects the way a person lives in his/her daily life. A person can follow various steps in order to prevent or drastically decrease depression. A prime example to show depression is described in the book, Helping your Depressed Teenager. Leeta sat slumped in her chair. Disheveled and distracted, she answered questions in a vague and unconfused manner. Only 13 years old, this was her second extended psychiatric hospitalization for depression, suicidal thoughts, and destructive gestures. She was first admitted to the hospital after she slit her wrists with a knife; this is the time she had become despondent, irritable, and out of control at home. The night before our interview, she had slammed her hand against the wall in an outburst of anger and frustration stating “I can’t stand it anymore” (Oster and Montgomery 41). Depression is defined as mood changes and other behaviors that are categorized from a small-scale sadness to extreme feelings of sorrow and thoughts to commit suicide (Oster and Sarah 43). In teenagers it occurs frequently and around a period in their lives when their identity begins to change. This tends to occur at a time when both males and females are trying to be unique from their parents, have gender and sexuality issues, and are making decisions for their well being. According to teendepression.org, “4 out of every 100 teenagers are depressed.” This new teenage generation is becoming more and more depressed by influence by peers, school, family, and pregnancies that occur quiet often. “Out of a million teenage

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