Barbara Atkinson Essay

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This is a case regarding a mother named Barbara Atkinson and the mental state in which she was in at the time of her arrest. Barbara was arrested for locking her daughter in a closet for close to six years, where she endured sexual abuse, starvation, and complete isolation from the outside world (ABC News, 2002). Barbara herself had been an abused child and by the age of three years old was given up for adoption (Press, 2002). Barbara lived with her husband in the State of Texas and four children which only three children were from her husband. While their three children played none ever uttered a word about the secret that was inside their home for almost six years. A girl that was eight years old and looked as though she was a toddler, whom her own family referred to as “it” starving and crying out for someone to help her out of this secret world. Her own mother would not come to her defense until that one day when someone was let on about the secret in the home. Barbara Atkins was arrested and faced up to life in prison on the felony charges in which she was facing. During her trial her attorneys presented a doctor at the trail that would confirm that Barbara was depressed had a Borderline Personality Disorder, antisocial and posttraumatic disorder (Amarillo Globe-News, 2002). Barbara also claimed that she had suffered a miscarriage around the same time she began to lock her daughter in the closet as a form of not having to deal with the child. “Out of sight out mind” her mother told The Dallas morning news, about how she felt about the situation. For this mother she must live the rest of her life in prison. • What circumstances or behaviors in this case indicate the presence of mental health concerns? It all seem to have started when she had suffered the miscarriage, which was the cause of why she had the posttraumatic disorder • Did the mental health issue
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