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Study Guide 17 1) What was the Columbian Exchange and what were the negative impacts that it had on the Americas? 2) What new diseases impacted the ‘New World’ and what was their impact? 3) What impact did silver have on the Spanish economy? 4) What was the encomienda and how was it similar to the Incan mita system? 5) Why did the Spanish ultimately opt to use African as slaves over the Amerindians? 6) What new ethnicities were born out of the trade of peoples between the Old and New World? Your discussion should focus on Creoles, Mestizos and Mulattos. 7) Compare and Contrast European settlements in Latin America and those in North American. 8) What was indentured servitude and how did it differ from the Latin labor system of the encomienda? 9) What were the exports (both foodstuffs and otherwise) that the French and British sought to acquire from North America? Study Guide 18 10) What impact did tobacco play in the New World trade? 11) What was the relationship between the sugar trade and the African slave trade in the West Indies? Why were indentured servants sometimes preferred over African slaves. 12) What was the plantocracy and what was its population breakdown? 13) How did mercantilism support the growing capitalism of this period? 14) Explain how trade functioned throughout the Atlantic Circuit? Your discussion should include the Middle Passage. 15) At its height, what was the volume of slaves traded across the Atlantic Circuit? 16) What role did African kings play in the slave trade along the African “Slave Coast”? What did they have to gain by partnering with European traders? 17) Where was the Songhai Empire and why was it considered

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