Triangular Trade Essay

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Triangular Trade The Triangular Trade was a form of racism. It was a route to receive slaves. The name was given because there were three routes that formed a triangle. Initially in the 15th century the Portuguese were only interested in gold in Africa. This quickly changed for them as their interest then changed to slave trade. The Portuguese felt African slaves were a better way to make their pockets larger. The slave trade was in high gear by the 17th and 18th century. Everyone who was involved in the Triangular Trade made money. In an article I came across titled “Black People of America-The Triangular Trade”, the Africans were being used as labor workers. According to the article the first route was used to carry lumber and fish from New England to the West Indies. While in West Indies they got molasses and sugar. This was how they made their rum. Along with the rum they also had guns and tools with them to sell. They then returned back to West Africa and traded the rum, guns, and tools for slaves. They then took the slaves back to West Indies and sold them for profit. The money they got from the slaves was used to buy more molasses. This process was done over and over again. In the first leg of the Triangular Trade goods such as tobacco, liquor, and guns were taken from Europe to Africa. The guns help make them more money. They then turned around and exchanged these goods for more African slaves. The middle leg actually involved bringing the slaves to America. In the final leg they returned back to Europe with all the goods they had purchased through the slave trade. African slaves that were caught to bring back during the Triangular Trade were treated horrible. They were chained together and received no bathes. Often times they were left in their own feces for long periods of time. They were also fed very little. Due to these horrible conditions many
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