Ap Language and Composition Acceptance Essay

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Prompt B Response: How can life be worth living without the struggles that individuals withstand. The struggles that people go through, create strong leaders who continue to model the improvement of society. Helen Keller is one of the optimistic role models who encourage people that can relate to her disability of being blind and deaf. In Ms. Keller’s delighted speech, she expresses her experience in gaining the privilege to her ability to speak. Keller describes her experience as “unspeakable happiness” when she reads her favorite stories to her family who have supported her throughout her battles. She calls speech a “blessing” because this passion and desire that she longs for is keeping her fight half the battle. By trying to improve on her senses does not come natural to her, but has created a liaison with her family who believe in her. The Keller family has an affectionate and kind relationship that made it easy and enjoyable for each of them to help each other. As Ms. Keller describes her experience, she is not only talking to people who cannot hear or talk but also the families who should be willful to help and support in any way their family members who want to learn to be given their lost abilities. Before she could talk she describes her fingers as, “little birds striving to gain freedom.” Her only way of communicating was through sign language that still did not satisfy Helen. Through trial and error, she was determined to “open wide the prison-door and let them escape,” with the help of her dedicated mentor Miss Fuller. When you want something, go for it because just like Keller, she had the assistance to reach her goals but it was only her who could make her difficult situation possible. She is honest with her audience that there are “many difficulties” and “many discouragements” but she kept her faith strong, and believed. “I kept on trying,”

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