Another Evening At The Club Analysis

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The title "Another Evening at the Club" is indeed close to me meaning of "Just Another Evening at the Club" because at the end of this story Samia "the wife" shows that she has empathy towards Gazia (young servant)for what she and her husband have done to her. They in a sense through a mistake have ruined Gazia's reputation in town, she is being questioned by the police and will be ashamed in front of the whole town for a crime she actually did not commit. Samia is showing remorse by the narrator saying that "her body was trembling uncontrollably" that's what happens to you when you live with guilt I believe. And yet within a few minutes Samia and Abboud Bey gather themselves and decide to go out to the club for supper. So point being that life goes on for them as normal - "Just Another Evening at the Club" but in reality they had changed someone else's life forever…. I believe that the author wants the readers to understand is what was actually "lost" here was life. I also believe that the narrator and Abdul-Karim was never able to get that rematch of the swimming contest, and in the meantime they also lost someone who could give them valuable information about the Arab's enemies - so no one really wins. Even though if you think about it Abdul just may have been the winner here since he was not being…show more content…
She believed that her tradition was important enough to pass on to the narrator, she wanted to show her first hand that the role that she played in everyone's life at the public bath house was important also. I was proud of her while reading the story that she did not give up her tradition based on how her daughter in law felt. I think these stories showed you that there are many types of women in the world: some who invite challenge for a better life, and some who are content with the security of having a good life but maybe no
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