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Annotated Bibliography Chen, L., Houghton, M., Seefeld, L., Malarick, C., & Mao, J. (2010). A survey of selected physician views on acupuncture in pain management. Pain Medicine, 11, 530-534. This article was a naturalistic inquiry conducted between 2007 and 2088 on acupuncture use as an alternative treatment for managing pain. The researcher used endogenous and participatory action research to gather information from various physicians on how they felt about acupuncture as a pain modality. The context of this study was how many physicians used or referred clients for acupuncture for pain management. The researchers were realistic in how they gained information on pain management. Researchers gathered information via email or direct mail from physicians who treat clients with pain or physicians that manage clients with clinical pain conditions on their opinion of acupuncture as a pain modality. There were 1083 survey sent out to physicians of those 197 physicians responded to the survey. Though triangulation of the data collected according to Chen, Houghton, Seefeld, Malarick, & Mao (2010), "191 out of 197 (97%) responders consider acupuncture to be a somewhat effective or very effective treatment modality in pain management." (p. 532) In general, the survey results indicate an optimistic attitude of physicians toward acupuncture as a pain modality for managing pain. Shin, B., Ha, C., Song, Y., & Lee, M. S. (2007). Effectiveness of combining manual therapy and acupuncture on temporomandibular joint dysfunction: A retrospective study. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 35(2), 203-208. This research article is an experimental-type research paper on the effectiveness of combining manual therapy and acupuncture on temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). The data from the research was evaluated by means of the Sigmastat software.

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