Vaccination Critique

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Critique of Cervical cancer prevention by vaccination: nurses’ knowledge, attitudes and intentions - Psychology Research Paper by Sidney Otoboeze Northern Lights College for PSY 101, Introduction to Psychology Tanya Clary May 18, 2011 Abstract One of the first tasks involved in the critiquing of a research paper is to try to explain the performance and tasks that have taken place. Critiquing research involves a careful examination of all aspects of a study in order to judge its strengths, limitations, meaning and significance (Hek, 1996). As demonstrated in the paper written by Boulianne, Duval, Dube, Ouakki, Gilca,Halperin, Sauvageau, Pielak, Lavoie & Simpson, (2009), it can be concluded that cervical cancer is the second most…show more content…
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