Depression And Excercise

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Exercise Exercise as a Successful Treatment for Depression LIB100, Write Your Class Section Here Student’s Name Professor Kahn Summer 2011 Topic: Exercise as a Successful Treatment for Depression Thesis statement: Moderately strenuous exercise performed three times a week for forty-five minutes to an hour can relieve moderate depression. Similarly, moderately strenuous exercise performed for thirty minutes three to five times a week may help relieve severe depression. Search strategy and evaluation of resources: I began my research about treating depression through the use of exercise by performing a keyword search for the words depression exercise in the Gale Virtual Reference Library which I accessed through the ASA Library Dabases and eBooks. I chose an entry about how exercise can successfully treat depression from the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine because this is a subject specific encyclopedia that provides background information about medical topics. The entry was written by L. Fleming Fallon, a Professor of Public Health at Bowling Green State University making him an authority on medical issues. The entry was written in 2002, making it relatively current. This entry supports my assertion that exercise can be used as a treatment for depression. Next, I searched the Medline Database for articles about depression and exercise by inputting the words depression AND exercise. I decided to read an article titled Clinical Inquiries: Does exercise alleviate symptoms of depression? published in The Journal Of Family Practice. This article is authoritative because it was written by Allan Gil and Rosalyn Womack, residents in the University Department of Medicine and Sarah Safranek, a librarian at the University Health Sciences Library and published in a peer review journal. The article is also current, having been published in 2010. The

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