Steroids And Bleacher Report

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Introduction Imagine huge, bulking, muscles without an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen on the human body! How is this possible? Anabolic Steroids can make this fantasy a reality but with a price. When one thinks about steroid users, pictures of hulking monsters come to mind; however, the most common users are unprofessional, amateur weightlifters. Known on the streets as “roids,” Anabolic Steroids can have dire effects on the body. Steroids are drugs that produce the same effects of testosterone in the body. Steroid users desire the drug because it can help them train harder and longer, recover faster, and build massive amounts of muscle. There are two ways steroids affect the body, one is the anabolic affect and the second is the…show more content…
of Bleacher Report, a news website reporting on sports. In his article “Steroids: Is It Time To Legalize and Regulate Their Use?” Watson argues that steroids aren’t deadly. He explains that everyone has probably used steroids at some point in their lives. There are many reasons for taking steroids that people don’t realize, like for hives, swelling, or fluid retention. Also “steroids are used as part of a program to treat breast cancer…Victims of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and assorted respiratory illnesses are given steroids to arrest bronchial inflammation.” Watson is emphasizing that steroids are used to treat conditions and are not dangerous. He continues by boldly stating, “my point is simple: Steroids are not inherently deadly.” In other sports Watson argues that manipulating certain factors has enhanced the sport, “Golf clubs are scientifically engineered to provide unprecedented control and power. New and improved tennis rackets guarantee that just about anyone can serve in excess of 100 miles per hour.” Steroids are like these enhancements but only with human subjects. Watson adds to his point by saying, “While there is a difference between improving a sport's equipment and tinkering with the human body, would steroids be such a terrible thing, if administered with safety in mind?” Watson is a proponent of steroids but only if they are done…show more content…
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