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Non-fictional analysis of Ann Romney’s Ann Lois Romney (maiden name: Davies), April 16. 1949. Born in the Detroit area. Today she is married to Mitt Romney and together they have five sons and 18 grandchildren. Ann Romney grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, where she went to Kingswood Private School, the sister school to the school Mitt was attending. She has known of Mitt Romney since elementary school. Here she met Mitt Romney. After she met Mitt, she converted to The Church of Latter-day Saints. In 1966, Ann and Mitt Romney got married. Since then she have received a bachelor degree of arts in French. Her father (Edward Davies), was a former Mayor of Bloomfield Hills. Analysis of Ann Romney’s Speech Throughout the speech Ann Romney’s goal is to make the audience sympathize with Mitt Romney. Her main theme is love. Mrs. Romney tells the audience how Mitt Romney will lead America to a better path and by that she has one major goal: To make America believe, that Mitt Romney is just an ordinary man. In the beginning of the speech, Mrs. Romney states that she is not there to speak about politics or the party. Mrs. Romney is at this convention to speak directly from her heart. Mrs. Romney states that she is not there to speak of things holding Americans apart, but she is there to speak of the things holding the Americans together. Mrs. Romney states that Mitt Romney is an ordinary man who earned his own success. The future generations means everything to her. The generations that once will take over for the old. Her Grandchildren are important to her. The most important story Mrs. Romney shares with the audience is the story about how Mitt brought her safe home. The story tells the audience where Romney is peeking out from all the other ordinary men. Mitt will bring you home safe and he cares about you. This is the picture Ann Romney

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