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Elizabeth Peet was born on March 26, 1874 in New York City (Parson, 2007) she is the youngest of four children. She was a third generation educator for the deaf having come from a family of prominent educators of the deaf, her father Isaac Lewis Peet and grandfather Harvey Peet, they both served as principals of the New York School for the Deaf for almost seventy years combined. Harvey received his early training at the American School for the Deaf. Edward and Dudley Peet, Elizabeth’s Uncles. They also taught at the New York School for the Deaf. Elizabeth’s mother, Mary Toles, which is deaf, went to the New York School and married Isaac Peet. And also graduated in 1854. Miss Peet was raised in an environment that emitted culture and beauty. Her father was educated at Yale and in turn made a…show more content…
It was originally built as a women's residence hall and remained so until 1980 when it became co-ed. Named after Dr. Elizabeth Peet who practically grew up in the Deaf Community. Her mother was deaf and her father was an educator of the Deaf. Her grandfather and father were successive principals of the New York School for the Deaf. After passing the Harvard entrance examinations, she stayed with her father until his death in 1889 and her mother passed on in 1891. She came to Gallaudet in 1900 to teach at Kendall School and the college. Dr. Peet received her Bachelor's from George Washington University in 1918. She received three honorary degrees: Masters' from Gallaudet in 1923, Doctor of Pedagogy from the George Washington University in 1937, and a Doctor of Humane Letters from Gallaudet in 1950. She also received a special certificate from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Fluent in Latin, English, French, and Spanish as well as being a strict teacher, a mother, a nurse, and a kindly guidance counselor all of these qualities made her known as a Kendall Green Mother. The residence hall houses

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