Anita Bryant Research Paper

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Anita Bryant By: Kadee Purcell March 22, 2011 I believe Anita Bryant was a very nauseating woman because she chose to believe that homosexuals were sinners, that they deserved to be condemned and discriminated against, and that they did not deserve to have families because of their “evil influence” on children (NNDB). In short, she tried to take away the rights of all gay people. She used her fame to build campaigns based on hatred and lies of homosexuality (Uncle Donanld's Castro Street). For example, she said gays could not biologically produce their own children so they were trying to “recruit our children” (NNDB). Through her fight to repeal the local anti-discrimination ordinance in Florida in 1977, she and Bob Green, who is her husband, founded “Save Our Children”. The organization began in response to the ordinance but later developed into a campaign to “save” children from being adopted into same sex marriages. Bryant believed all gays were evil and sinning, she said they would be condemned by God for their “sins” (Bryant 31). Because she used the Bible as a reference in saying that, I believe she is contradicting herself; in the Bible it says God loves ALL of his children. In her book, The Anita Bryant Story, she claims that God was showing her things and asking her to share them through her demonstration against homosexuals and the book itself (Bryant 14). Bryant and her pastor, Brother Bill, declared in Bryant’s book that they love homosexuals enough to save them from being condemned by God (Bryant 67). In 1977, Anita Bryant went up against the ordinance in Miami-Dade County, Florida that made it illegal to discriminate based on sexual preference in the work place, housing, and public places (NNDB). Sadly, Bryant won this small battle in the war against homosexual equality. Because of this, the ordinance made it legal to fire workers, deny
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