Racist Hate in Mississippi

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Essay1 2/5/2015 Eng203 Racist Hate in Mississippi “I was fifteen years old when I began to hate people.” This quote from Ann Moody’s book, “Coming of Age in Mississippi” is explained and reinforced multiple times throughout her book. She hated the white people who treated her like a slave or like she was lesser than them because of her skin color. She hated her step father Raymond for making her mother cry. Finally, she hates Negroes. She is tired of her people not being willing to stand up for themselves when their white counterparts take them for granted. Ann’s label of coward on her people for not standing up for themselves is justified because of the numerous of crimes being committed towards the African Americans during this time that nobody was doing anything about. Ann’s first real encounter with the savage racist crimes was in high school when she heard about the lynching of Emmitt Till, a fourteen year old boy found in the river. His death was passed off as a lack of respect, "The boy was from Chicago. Negroes up North have no respect for people. They think they can get away with anything” (132). After being warned by her mom to pretend she did not know about Emmett, Ann is forced to suppress her feelings of anger towards the white people who committed this act. However, she also starts to feel resentment grow for the colored people who pretended to not care about his death. This anger at the Caucasian race for the inequality of the races eventually spurred Ann to join the NAACP, a group put together to fight racism and fight for equal rights. "I hated myself and every Negro in Centreville for not putting a stop to the killings or at least putting up a fight in an attempt to stop them. I thought to wage a war in protest against the killings all by myself" (202-203). Unfortunately a one woman war would not accomplish anything, and so Ann joined
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