Persuasive Speech: Civil Rights For Immigrants

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While thinking of an issue to write a persuasive speech on, I came across many ideas. There was only one, however, that stood out to me. Something I’m passionate about, unashamed of, and careless on how others perceive me. The issue I will be discussing today, is civil rights. Not just civil rights for women, or for immigrants, or for the elderly, but civil rights for our LGBT community. I was raised with a religious background, was raised not to question the Holy Bible, and to sit and listen and shut up as any woman should in the church. As a child this always bothered me… if God gave us free will to think our own, surely He would want us to question him? What is faith if you are merely blinded by things you are only told to be fact? Wouldn’t that faith be stronger if you were to research on your own? We cannot deny the fact that the only reason gay marriage is illegal, is because most of our government stands on the fact that this is generally a Christian led nation. If we are a Democracy, and the people are behind the democratic government, then one can say we are indeed considered a “Christianity based” nation… not necessarily a Christian nation. I know what you’re thinking, this speech is turning into a religious debate… but face the facts – unless you are faithless, religion is what drives…show more content…
Spouting off Bible verses before they even had a chance to realize how foolish it made them appear. This is America, the land of hypocrites. Most of the time the same people who say homosexuality and interracial relationships are an abomination are forgetting that Christ told them not to judge one another. To this day we still have this issue… as someone in an interracial relationship it’s inescapable. If our government is waiting for our people to remain silent on homosexual marriage before legal action is made, then we will be waiting
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