Analyze the effects of healthy pride on ones life.

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Analyze the effects of healthy pride on one’s life. Most people regard the word “Pride” in a negative way in that it conveys arrogance, arbitrary decision, and self-conceitedness. However, the definition of pride states not only a negative meaning which is “Someone’s pride is the feeling that they have that they are better or more important than other people”, but also a positive one: “Pride is a sense of the respect that other people have for you, and that you have for yourself,” and “Someone or something that is your pride and joy is very important to you and makes you feel very happy.” This healthy pride can make one have a good image and help him to have an enlightened mind. These factors affect people’s life in allowing them to be abundant with joy and to overcome their tribulations with a positive view. The first effect of healthy pride is that people leave a good impression to other people since they have confidence. Other people believe that those with healthy pride can do their work well and are trustworthy. When citizens see successful people such as a CEO of a company, those citizens can see the good image in those people’s faces as their pride radiates around them. They usually have abundant charisma that draws you to their personality and makes you wait on their every encouraging word. In this respect, citizens who have healthy pride attract many people to them because of this charisma and attitude of success. Another effect of positive pride is giving individuals an optimistic view on life. People who have this nourishing pride believe in their every action and trust in their positive power at all times. Even during times when there are insurmountable odds, they trust in themselves. Their ability to come out on top is never doubted and they have already won their battle before it is even started. They regard and use this bad situation as a

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