Analysis: The Federalist Papers

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The Federalist Papers The United States of America may not exist today, but because of men who stood for what they believed in, this is why we stand strong today. These men thought there was a place where freedom of speech, religion and other fundamental freedoms could exist. The common man wanted a place where things they felt were important to them could be addressed and practiced without fear of prosecution. These men would put their lives on the line to gain something they never had before. These men fought and used many tools to gain an advantage on England that would help break them away from the country that held them in their grasp. They lived in a Monarchy nation where a King would rule over them without the common man being heard. There came a time where the people of Britain wanted to try and rebel from England. It was not until a few brave men would gather together to start writing letters to their fellow common men that those times started to change. These people of Britain that wanted to break away started to read these motivating and inspiring documents. These documents that started a movement that would lead people out of England and into a new found nation. The following men wrote the…show more content…
I believe that the Constitution of the United States has held this country strong for over two hundred years now. I do not agree with the Supreme Courts getting involved and trying to make extreme changes to the Constitution. I feel these men were wise beyond their years and knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution. Regardless of the color of these men’s skin, they were taking charge and developing a form of government that would be beneficial for all of mankind. Amendments have already taken place to the Constitution that was necessary. These men believed not only in creating a country to help mankind but also kept

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