What the Constitution Means to Me

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What the Constitution Means to Me The Constitution lay outs the foundation for our government. It serves several purposes like outlining the basic structure of the government and their functions and responsibilities, setting the qualifications for office and the terms of office, defining the relationship between the national government and the local government, and setting the laws for the common good while protecting individual rights. Basically, it lists all things that define how our country works. The study of the Constitution gave me a better understanding and changed my perception of the government and my role as a citizen in general. It is through the inspection of the balancing forces between government and citizenship that I have come to appreciate both the brilliance and the gravity of the Constitution. As outlined in our Constitution, our government is divided into three equal branches. To ensure the status of this equality, our Constitution also provides a system of checks and balances which will serve to guarantee that no part of the government will ever be allowed too much power. It also ensures the power of the citizens by means of regular elections. As it is impractical for all citizens to directly participate in running the government, the election process asserts the voting power of the people every time. It is, after all, a government made for the people, by the people and with the people. Studying the origin and history of our Constitution, I have come to recognize the value of the wealth of the years of experience and knowledge that went into the development of our government and its framing document. Over the last hundred years, our Constitution has undergone several changes. For me, this makes the Constitution far more precious and far more susceptible to manipulation and abuse. I firmly believe that the Constitution should always be

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