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PKFokam Institute of Excellence Business School MBA 2014 -2015 Lead 6001 CASE STUDY Case Study The following case study describes the career path and traits of a young talented leader. The questions at the end of the case will help you analyze the case. An Emerging Leader Tim T. portrays his life as a tension between ‘nature” and “nurture.” He sees it this way: He has two sets of DNA, and these two very different sets of characteristics have given him what he needs to be a leader. The first set of DNA, he says, comprises those “God-given genetic talents” that came from the biological parents who abandoned him at birth. The second set comes from the religious and caring Michigan family who adopted him two years later. Even as a toddler, Tim’s nature was to be out in front of people and relating to them. These innate abilities of his have always been very public and people oriented: from his easy and eloquent speaking style and teaching skills in singing and acting. “As a baby, I was always an extrovert, and since age 2 or 3, people have told me that I would either be president of the United States, a preacher, or a comedian,” he says. “I didn’t intentionally work on these abilities; I have just always had them,” His “other strand of DNA” came from his adoptive family whom he describes as gentle, unassuming, and quiet. Tim admits he ran in the “middle of the crowd,” while his family members were often silent bystanders standing off in a corner. They did, however, instill in him the strong values of “loving God, loving family, working hard, and giving back” that he embraces” today. Those two sets of characteristics allowed Tim to thrive early. Just out of high school, he was given an opportunity by baseball player Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation to create a new after-school program for second to fifth graders called Proud to Be Me. The goal

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