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Maria Sonato 07-06-12 Dream Interpretations Tech Assignment If one is to dream that they are on their way to the hospital to have a baby, it signifies your issues of dependency and ones desires to be completely cared for. Perhaps one is trying to get out of some responsibility, if one is pregnant in real life, then a more direct interpretation may simply mean that you are experiencing some anxieties of making it to the hospital when it comes time.. To dream of a crying baby symbolizes a part of one’s self that is deprived of attention and needs to be nurtured. Alternatively, it represents your unfulfilled goals and a sense of lacking in one’s life. If one dreams that a baby is neglected, then it…show more content…
I was in love with this boy whom I thought loved me as well, but turned out he didn’t want me after I told him I was pregnant with his 3 month old son. He left me in a rough heart beat…I should of known better than to let some boy fool me like that. six months later passed and born was Jakob Eugene Sonato. I had him under my last name because I didn’t want him having anything to do with his dead-beat father, including having his last name. I ended up losing a lot of things in my life because of having the baby at such a young age, I was pretty helpless, but I did have my family’s love and support to help me and only so little of my friends love and support. A year later has come, jakob was starting to grow up now, he was just learning how to walk. He has dark curly caramel-like colored hair, beautiful skin tone, nice and medium, my exact eye color, dark brown, almost like root beer. He was always so happy and always just smiling and laughing, never once had a frown upon his little baby face, that was then I knew he was the happiest baby I ever saw. I knew doing what I have done at a yough age was a mistake, but having the most beautiful baby I could ever imagine….was the best thing that has ever happened to me, he was no mistake, he was a gorgeous
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