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INTRODUCTION This task is being submitted in a bid to successfully complete the course Service Line Development for an MBA in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University. MAJOR RISKS FACTORS Trinity Community Hospital conducted a focused community health needs assessment over the past year. The cancer, orthopedic and cardiovascular services within the hospital was targeted for this assessment. As a result of this assessment the following major risk factors were identified from each area: ONCOLOGY SERVICES In this assessment it was identified that the population is aging. It referenced that within the next 5 years about 15% of the total count will be over 65 years old. It went on further to reveal that there will be an increase in the number of cancer cases. Half of men within the population will develop cancer in their life time while 1/3 of women will. The assessment indicated that there will be a spike in new cancer cases. It pointed out that that new cancer cases will grow by 34% moving from 3,200 to 4,282 this year The resources to treat, prevent and diagnose cancer are stressed. This is as a result of the patient growth that is currently outpacing the hospital’s ability to treat and diagnose cancer patients. There is also a shortage in some equipment particularly line accelerators and imagining equipment. The assessment also revealed a shortage in chemo units and operating suites. The assessment revealed that both staff and patients say improvement is need in the services available. They current see the services as being disjointed and poorly coordinated. This causes major delays with the scheduling of services. Neither of the 2 hospitals that provide cancer care offers patients the programs that are needed to enable test scheduling, treatments and other services. The assessment also reveals that there is little done to emphasize the

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