Amt2 Task Four

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Trinity Hospitals five year plan includes development of an orthopedic center, cardiovascular center and a cancer center. Task four asks for an assessment of the viability of one of these service lines. By assuming the role of the hospital CEO, I will evaluate the orthopedic center service line and present the findings to the board of directors for their approval. Demand for Orthopedic Service Line As identified in the Trinity Community Hospital’s Community Needs Assessment, the demand for orthopedic services in the area is expected to increase by 46% in the next five years. Inpatient joint and spine procedure are projected to increase by 30% and outpatient joint and spine procedures are expected to increase by 350%. Trinity Hospital’s fact sheet does state that there is no formal orthopedic service at the hospital but there is strong interest by local orthopedic groups in joining the hospital’s team. There are plans to build a new 15,000 square foot physical therapy/rehab center on or close to campus to support the new orthopedic service line. This is important as appropriate follow up can be offered to orthopedic patients. Trinity Hospital must rise to meet their competition. Tertiary Medical Center boasts a strong orthopedic program and a trauma center, while Regional Hospital also boasts strong orthopedic services. The hospitals five year plan calls for distinctive clinical programs and services in the areas of spine, total joint and hand services. Also, the plan calls for comprehensive rehab services and support programs. The hospital plans to emphasize prevention of injury and disease by providing community education, screening and risk assessment and outreach services to underserved communities. The targeted growth and profitability for the orthopedic center is expected to be 2100 surgical cases, 6500 physical therapy visits and a profit margin
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