American President and British Prime Minister

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American President and the British Prime Minister The American and British governments are two of the most powerful in the world, and have been for multiple centuries. America is the most powerful nation in the world with the best military, followed by Britain’s. Britain is a small island, in comparison, that has seen attempted takeovers for the last 1000 years to no avail. There are some similarities in the two but the United States government is very hard to imitate because it is so strangely organized, it is one of a kind systematically. The U.S. President and the British Prime Minister are both very powerful with respect to their government, but there are fundamental systematic differences that are important to understand. The American President is the head of the government as well as the head of the state, the nation’s foreign policy, and commander in chief. Every government has a head of state, but America’s is the head of government as well, which is far different from the head of state. It is debatable weather this is too much power to be in the hands of one individual, but it also allows for any process to be expedited if required. Over the past 200 years, power in the U.S. has shifted towards the President; President Regan, who wanted to give power back to the states instead of centralizing it, challenged this. Our current President, Barrack Obama, sides with President Roosevelt’s New Deal policy, which attempts to centralize power. President Obama caused great excitement with his ideas of change for America, but his administration is far less popular today due to policies he implemented. President Nixon argued against the notion that the President is becoming to powerful, stating that if we did in fact have an “Imperial” Presidency, then reelection would be much easier, but since President Roosevelt, we have only seen five reelections. The
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