Alternative Solutions To Project Management Problems Essay

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Running Head: ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS TO PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS Alternative Solutions to Project Management Problems Fadi A. Zayed University of Phoenix MBA 590 September 11, 2009 Dr. Barbara Holloway Harrison-Keyes has been in the publishing industry for over a century. HK published products the traditional way. It specialized in scientific, technical, text, and educational books. The company has faced the challenges of low cost retailers in the market. HK experienced a decline in its sales and hence its profits. The previous CEO steered the company to the electronic book format to integrate the product to a different form and meet the demand of the new generation, and create a new market for the company. This idea was encountered with resistance from certain senior leaders and the board of directors, as well the new CEO who is very thrilled about the idea. Harrison-Keys encountered multiple issues that deprived the firm from completing the project. The issues ranged from lack of alignment among leadership team and managers, lack of project scope, conflicts among employees and management, resistance to the change and innovation, and a lack of leadership abilities. Harrison- Keyes faces the lack of leadership skill. The deficits are depicted in the transactions between the leadership team, specifically in the email from Pete Ross to Jan Peters discussing his inability to deal with Asia Digital; another incident is the confrontation that took place in the senior leadership meeting between Mack Evans and Robert smith. The dispute was over Mack Evans and his team being unable to complete their project of launching the e-commerce software. (University of Phoenix, 2009). The success of a project relies mainly on the collaboration of the team members and their ability to exhort all possible potential to implement

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