All Teenagers Need To Rebel In Order To Grow Up

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Hajira Omar Form 5 ‘All teenagers need to rebel in order to grow up.’ What do you think? I believe to some extent it is necessary for teenagers to rebel. It gives them a chance to experience for themselves, the adult life they about to enter. Sometimes teenagers’ rebellious actions can be because of anger or despair, or even by influence of the media. It is difficult to prevent basic human nature of children, but in order to protect them from making life changing mistakes parents need to understand, and respect the needs of their young adults. Adolescents rebel due to anger and resentment. This rage comes from the environment around them. In most cases anger builds up from lack of affection and attention from family and parents. Many times parents do not know their child’s greatest fears, struggles and joy, and to the parents it is acceptable as their parents did not know that much about them. People can preach and teach young adults to the best of their ability. Most children just don’t listen and are unwilling to change until they see for themselves why what is wrong is wrong “actions speak louder than words”. For example parents often say “Some people may not appear to be what they in fact are”, this they repeat constantly. Teenagers hear what they are told but, do they listen? Therefore they get hurt, and only after that, do they grasp what was told to them. All teenagers are in a delusion. They don’t think about how their actions may have consequences. They think that they can overcome any situation that they may face, but what they do not understand is that they are not invincible. They are not mature enough, that is, not experienced enough in life to understand their behavior may have bad consequences now, and in the future. Their immaturity is also what causes them to rebel. They are still in the stages of maturing therefore they

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