The Illusiveness Of Identity In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Illusiveness of Identity After people were born and started to think who they are, they try to define their identity or build up their identity. Build their own identity is first step to start one person’s life. Most people around the world, their identities are influenced by their circumstances, such as their family, friends, education, society, or maybe what their interests are. In addition, many other factors could affect one person’s identity. There are many ways that we can affect our personality depends on who influence your life or identity. This is real important to people, even more important to young generation who just started to build their lives. Their personalities are immature, so it is important to who should they looking as a “role model”. If a person who really do not get along with their family, they might feel lonely and felt that he or she would not get enough love or attention from their parents, then that person’s personality could fact by their parents. So they might be coward, not confident about what they are doing, and maybe they do not know how to give the love or love the things. “Into The Wild”, by Jon Krakauer, tells a story about the illusiveness of identity. The illusiveness of identity, or truly understanding someone’s identity, is important in this book…show more content…
He graduates from Emory University. So far, we can suspect that he had affluent life, not like others. He never worried about the money to get into the college or never thought about his life is miserable. He fulfilled his needs easily because of his parents. His parents supported him as materialistically. They fulfilled his needs before Christopher wanted something. Mostly because of his parent’s action towards him, he never struggled about financially, but as his identity built up, he realizes his life is not just for

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