Alice Munro Essay

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Alice Munro is one of the most favourited authors in Canada. Her life reflects in her short stories, by the characters and settings she picks for them. Munro's stories especially reflect her memories growing up and, her background. Three aspects that relate Munro's life to her short story "Boys and Girls" are the farm, the era she grew up in, and family relationships. Alice Munro comes from Wingham, Ontario, a small town she grew up in. Her parents did not make a lot of money, and had to struggle for an average life. Munro’s father Robert Eric Laidlaw was a farmer, on their family’s fox farm. Munro's father was a fox and poultry farmer. The story and her life have a lot of similarities, by the fact that Munro’s dad was also a farmer shows her life was reflected in the story. The narrator in the story in the story doesn’t have a name, and by seeing the similarities between the story and her life, the reason why the character doesn’t have a name is because it represents a life she had on a farm she had. “ the characters seemed to be drawn from where she lived”, where her father had a fox farm and raised turkeys was to Monro “the most interesting place in the world”, in the narrator’s life, her happiest place is also on the farm. the story and Alice Munro's life have a lot of similarities. had a lot of experience living on a fabecause of her dad Munro grew up in the 1930's, the era of the great depression. Men were typically the providers of the home, while the women took care of the house. Women were never seen working outside of the house because if they did, then they were frowned upon for "stealing the jobs from those who need it most" who were the men. Like Munro, the girl in "Boys and Girls" also grew up during that era. TIn the story "Boys and Girls" the girl in the story also grew u Darkness would be the great depression dark
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