Tiger By Marguax Fagoso Character Analysis

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Lauren Domingo Tiger Tiger Essay T. Sommo October 26, 2011 As children we assume everyone we meet is a good person. As an adult, we start to realize how the world is and we are able to filter who we believe are the good and who believe are the bad. Growing up, Margaux Fragoso was not one who was able to understand how to filter the good and the bad. She met and saw her pedophile, Peter, as someone who was suppose to be good throughout her whole life. She wrote Tiger Tiger as a memoir of her fourteen year relationship with Peter and everything that came with being “in love” with him. It is a shocking eye opener that takes readers on a journey through the eyes of what may seem as the wrong behavior yet, for Fragoso it was all she knew. Marguax’s up brining was in a poor neighborhood in Union City New Jersey. From the beginning, her parents never considered their family to be broken yet, it was. Her father Louie did the entire house work and provided for Marguax and her mother; while he complained that neither of them did anything or appreciated him at all. She explains that “he did all the cooking and cleaning in our household, saying my mother was only capable of taking our clothes to be laundered; and buy groceries at the nearby mart…she always overbought and overspent,…show more content…
Her mother’s illness is a factor in making Marguax one of Peter’s victims. Considering how mature she was for her age. In Margaux’s memoir, readers have an example that the way children are forced to take the role as care a giver, creates a more vulnerable child. Seeing or having a more vulnerable child can also create them to be more willing to giving into something immediately when someone gives them just a little bit of attention. Children like Marguax seem to give so much love as a caregiver that they will do just about anything in return to feel some type of

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