Alex's Relationship With The Land Essay Questions

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Essay # 1 Throughout the story, many of the characters become quite connected with the land, and its symbolisms towards it. For many, the land represents the relationships within the society and the history within the characters themselves. The land, in which the story is told within, is a character itself, bringing a sense of independence and a respectful view to the settlement of people. This is mention within even the first chapter. Cather explains that it is the land that matters the most, not people who occupy it, “The great fact was the land itself, which seemed to overwhelm the little beginnings of human society that struggle in it somber wastes.” (2.1) One character who has a substantial relationship with the land is…show more content…
Stick to the facts. You are talking nonsense. Go to the country clerk and ask him who owns my land and whether my titles are good” (3.2). The context surrounding this passage is a conversation that Alex is having with her brothers. Her brothers are worried that if Alex becomes involved with Carl, she will marry him and that the land will go to Carl and any children they might have rather than back to her brothers and their children. They argue that Alex should stay away from Carl because he is broke, and is just after the land, but Alex says it is her land and she will do with it what she pleases. A fight ensues where the brothers argue they did all the work and therefore should get the land, but Alex points out she worked too and made the hard decisions that landed them where they are today and that they all three split the land evenly. Even though Alex’s love for the land is inevitable, she at times struggles with the acceptance of other because of her womanhood. Her brothers insist that the land should be owned by the men of the family only, which is what sparks Alex to respond as she does. Oscar and Lou insist that men are the head of the family, the ones in control, and even though Alex is older, more knowledgeable about farm techniques, and has led the family for years finally leading to a financially successful

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