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Family Conflict In Willa Cather’s O Pioneers!, farmer and land developer Alexandra Bergson feels the land her father, John Bergson, gave her and her brothers, originally belonged to her and her brothers, but has since been divided into separate titles between the three of them. Before Alexandra’s father died, he placed her in charge of the land and she became the lands steward and expanded it beyond the original homestead. The role Lou and Oscar Bergson, Alexandra’s younger brothers, played was that of laborer under the direction of Alexandra. Lou and Oscar feel that the land belongs to them because they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into the land. It is not until Alexandra’s brothers see Carl spending time with Alexandra that they begin to worry about the true ownership of the land. The boys are ok with Alexandra having the property but once they find out Alexandra might marry their jobless old neighbor Carl, they confront her, reminding her that Alexandra’s property really belongs to them. John Bergson always had more faith and trust in Alexandra than he did with Lou and Oscar. Even before Alexandra was the age of twelve John was calling on her to give him advice. He reminisced, “It was Alexandra who read the papers and followed the markets, and who learned by the mistakes of their neighbors… Lou and Oscar were industrious, but he could never teach them to use their heads about their work.” From a very young age Alexandra showed wisdom and leadership. Lou and Oscar believe that because they have put all the physical labor into the land that the land naturally should belong to them. Arguing their point to Alexandra they state, "Didn't all the land come out of the homestead? It was bought with money borrowed on the homestead, and Oscar and me worked ourselves to the bone paying interest on it." Alexandra argues, “I’ve made more on my

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