Albert B Experiment

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Many people have doubted the idea of being able to construct a conditioned emotional reaction into people. Although there is not much research, one study has proved that it is possible to add an emotional reaction into another human being. To prove this theory to be true, scientist used different tests on a child by the name of Albert B. Before constructing any tests, the scientists made sure that Albert was a stable child. The reason why he was used in the experiment was because he had no record of being emotional and when he was 9 months he was 21 pounds. Researchers believed because of these two factors he was the best fit to perform the tests on. A white rat, rabbit, masks with and without hair, dog, cotton wool and blocks were the objects that were used in these tests. Scientists placed the different objects and animals in front of Albert to see his reaction, and all was received was positive feedback. After this, loud noises were then tested to see if this would strike fear in the child. When hitting a steel bar with a hammer to create a loud sound, the scientists noticed this had caused a negative reaction in Albert. Hitting the bar the first time caused his breathing to speed up. Hitting the bar the second time caused his lips to tremble and hitting the bar the third time caused him to cry. The scientists then brought the animals in to see if they could transfer the fear into the child when they were presented. When Albert reached for the white rat the bar was struck, causing him to fall. The second time he reached for the white rat the bar was struck again, causing him to fall and whine. After a week has past they tested Albert
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