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Toddlerhood Danae L. Rosario Middlesex Community College The terrible twos, tantrum threes, fearsome fours, fabulous five, and there you have toddlerhood in a nutshell. Luckily, the child I studied was finishing up his tantrum threes and just turned four. Xaby is a cheerful little boy with dirty blonde hair, big brown eyes, and a smile that will light up the room. He weighs thirty-eight pounds and is forty-two inches tall. He lives with his thirteen and eighteen year old sisters, and his mother, while he occasionally visits his father on weekends. Xaby is right where he needs to be with other children in his age group. According to Livestrong website, a healthy four year old should weigh between twenty-seven to fifty pounds, while standing…show more content…
He is very attached to his mother. He has a melt down whenever she leaves the house and he has to stay, even if for a brief moment. He cannot sleep alone, so he sleeps with his mother every single night. He throws tantrums whenever he knows he has to go with his father. Xaby interacts well with other children, but has a very hard time sharing. Whether it is his favorite cup, food, or his favorite toys, they are his and no one else can touch them. He is very egocentric and demands people to do things his way, and does not understand other’s point of…show more content…
Xaby received it as a gift when he was 2 years old but, when he pressed the button he automatically jumped back and started crying. When his mother realized that it scared him, she started to threaten him with the gorilla. Whenever he would misbehave or throw a tantrum for not getting his way, his mom would put him in timeout with the gorilla, leading him to get his act together quickly. Whenever his mom would pull out the gorilla even if for a minute, he would stop acting up. Xaby is now conditioned to fear the robotic gorilla. Just as Little Albert was conditioned to fear furry white objects, in John Watson’s experiment of classical conditioning. Xaby is much more independent and likes doing everything on his own. Such as choosing his clothes, putting his clothes on, pouring his own drinks, getting his own food, feeding himself, and wanting to take a shower by himself. He doesn’t like to receive help form others. I do not see him developing shame and doubt in the future due to not being able to be independent because of close parental supervision; Xaby is successfully completing Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Stage of Autonomy vs. Shame and

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