Air Transport Oversight System

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Air Transport Oversight System Richard Guthrie Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Aerospace Safety Program Management ASCI 618 Charles Hamilton March 1, 2013 Abstract This paper will examine and describe the Federal Aviation Administrations’ Air Transport Oversight System (ATOS) from its’ conception after the crash of ValuJet flight 592 in the everglades in Florida. The Air Transport Oversight Program will be defined and the oversight model will be demonstrated. The relationship between Safety Management System and the Air Transport Oversight System will be identified and to include the six attributes. The oversight model will define the relationship between production and protection systems which is a matter of exchanging information and exerting influence. The seven divisions of ATOS, to include the systems, subsystems and elements will be discussed. The Air Transport Oversight System audits will be explained. Other related programs and tools such as the Surveillance Evaluation Program, Surveillance and Evaluation Assessment Tool, Air Carrier Assessment Tool and System Approach for Safety Oversight Program will be examined. Table of Contents Title page 1 Abstract 2 Table of contents 3 Introduction 4 What is the Air Transport Oversight System? 5 Oversight System Model: Product and Protection 5 Safety Management System and ATOS 7 Seven Divisions of ATOS 8 ATOS Systems/ Subsystems/Elements 8 ATOS Audits 13 SEP and SEAT 14 Air Carrier Assessment Tool (ACAT) 14 System Approach for Safety Oversight Program (SASO) 15 Summary 16 References 17 Introduction The Air Transport Oversight System (ATOS) was developed after the crash of ValuJet in south Florida when the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sited the lack of oversight by the

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