C200 Task 1

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Marine Air Support Squadron 1 Cortez Nichols Western Governors University A1. Describe the organization and its objectives Marine Air Support Squadron 1 is located on Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina. The Marine Air Support Squadron (MASS) is the United States Marine Corps aviation command and control (C2) unit, which is responsible for the planning, receiving, coordinating and processing of requests for direct or close air support. It does this by providing the equipment, facilities, and personnel necessary to form the direct air support center, air support elements (ASE), and air support liaison teams (ASLT). The direct air support center (DASC) is the principal Marine air command and control system (MACCS) air control agency responsible for the direction of air operations directly supporting ground forces. It functions in a decentralized mode of operation, but is directly supervised by the Marine tactical air command center (Marine TACC) or the Navy tactical air control center (Navy TACC). During amphibious or expeditionary operations, the DASC is normally the first MACCS agency ashore and usually lands in the same category (i.e., scheduled or on-call wave) as the ground combat element's (GCE’s) senior fire support coordination center (FSCC) (MCWP 3-25.5). The DASC provides similar services and functions as the Air Force’s air support operations center, the Navy’s helicopter direction center, and the Navy’s tactical air control center, and air support control section. It processes immediate air support requests, coordinates aircraft employment with other supporting arms (i.e., artillery), manages terminal control assets that support ground combat and combat service support forces, and controls assigned aircraft operating in its area of responsibility. The DASC is divided into crews and is task-organized to whatever the

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