Aims of the National Childcare Accreditation Council Essay

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ASSESSMENT TASK -1 Discuss the aims of the national childcare accreditation council: My own practice match up against there aims we have encourage them through the support. 1. We should encourage each children to make choice and participate in play. so children can become more confident and intelligent. 2. We should promote each child’s ability to develop and maintain relationships. by this practice children become more responsible person when they grow they have to need this . 3. We have to promote each child’s language and literacy abilities. they have to need conversation every where in the world without this it is hard to live 4. We should promote each child’s problem solving and mathematical abilities. Every thing in world is working according to mathematics like as day-night, clock, daily routines etc. so children should have knowledge of mathematics and problem solving methods. 5. We promote each child’s enjoyment and participation in the expressive art. When children do these type of activity they become more creative. 6. We promote each children physical abilities. Children need to physically active and strong. ASSESSMENT TASK -2 Observe yourself working with children Every human being are different individual. Each one has her/his own characteristics, choice, hobbies etc. So I observe my self with children in these below cases. Each individual has own abilities:- 1. Merry is very creative girl. One day she draw a picture which was presenting her mum, dad and Merry. She also put a name of each photo. It was really fantastic picture. I show her drawing in class and hang on wall. 2. Kelly is two and half year old. She cannot speak clearly but she is developing her knowledge. One day she spoke all the name of body parts in class. Now she was very happy and feeling proud. 3. Lee

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