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Kimberly Robertson Music Movement and Creative Arts April 1, 2009 Activity Portfolio Hello, and Welcome to Kimberly’s Day Care, I am Kimberly Robertson and I own and operate this facility. Here with me today is some of our aspiring students; Eli who is 3, Tony who is 3, Camilla who is 2, Fernando who is 1 and Ramiro who is 2. Today myself and my students will be learning our ABC’s through repetition and visual recognition. Kimberly’s Day Care has a classroom that it is approximately 614 square feet in siae. We have our chalkboard on the West wall and table and chairs enough to accommodate all of our students. We have visual aids such as pictures, items, cut outs, and drawings of the different items that will be used in our activity…show more content…
We will follow up with the discussion of what they found in their own home that started with the assigned letter. Evaluation of Activity During the course of this Activity I had two students that performed well. Tony and Eli learned the letter “A” and found several objects in the room that began with the letter. Overall the lesson was fun for the kids and they enjoyed the coloring and exploring the classroom. I think for the younger children I will need to implement more colorful objects and thing for them to feel, touch and smell for recognition of the letters we are learning. The classroom setting was wonderful, having all the toys and books and games in the room made it easy for the children to participate in the activity. We planned this out a week in advanced and put together all the things that we were going to need for the activity. Some of the children were distracted easily so I helped them find the objects they were looking for. I think that next time we work on this I will use a helper to keep the children focused on the task at hand. Overall the activity went as planned and the children had a lot of fun with the interactivity that I put into the
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