Aims and Objectives

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Question 2: Explain the aims and objectives for any company. Also, draw a process map for any of the function. Answer: What is a business aim? A business aim is what a business intends to achieve in the future, or within a certain range of years. Business aims are decided and set at the start of the business and then reviewed and revised regularly. A different aim may be set each year and thus revised throughout the year. They assist in the monitoring of the business progress. There are certain points to keep in mind when setting business aims or goals; S - Specific M - Measurable A - Attainable R - Realistic T - Time What is a business objective? A business objective is the map or plan that will be set and used by the business or organization to reach their set aims. Without clear and well defined business objectives your business will not meet its full potential of success. Having a clear business objective will create a union between the mission and the strategies of your organization (i.e. marketing, productivity, projected profits, results). If all the employees are not aware of where the business intends to head, each will be working towards different goals. Subway Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca in the USA in 1965. the company has since grown into a multi-billion dollar business. It has more than 31,000 outlets in more than 90 countries. * They aim: * to make profit * to develop a sustainable level of growth * to provide value for money for their customers * Compete against other similar competitors; High sales * Ensure store is clean and compliant to the hygiene rules set out by subway The main aims and objectives of subway are to be ranked the number one quick service restaurant worldwide whilst maintaining the trademark of their fresh tasting products. It's main objectives by 2010 were
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