Affluenza Informative Speech

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Macy Martinez Speech Mrs. Nicholson 4/29/2014 Affluenza Are Americans infected on Affluenza? Affluenza is in a simple term, the pursuit of money. Affluenza has three definitions. The bloated, sluggish, and unfulfilled feeling or epidemic of stress, overwork, waste caused by dogged pursuit of the American Dream.(Affluenza 1) Affluenza has changed Americans making them out to be what they are not, doing what they want which is wrong, and live as though nothing but wealth matters in the world. Americans want money to buy happiness. Aristotle says that happiness has an end. Money ruins the lives of many Americans. A life changing disease known as Affluenza has infected today’s society. Many Americans are never satisfied with their possessions. Some Americans have the false Americans dream like having an expensive car, a beautiful wife, and a large fortune. In North Texas, a 16 year old boy killed four people. The boy suffered from Affluenza. Affluenza affects young people who may come from families with money. Some Americans may have the feeling of guilt and lack of motivation. Also a sense of isolation. This 16 year old teen lived in a house and his parents always argued which that led to his parents getting a divorce. Couch’s attorney said, “Money…show more content…
Some individuals donate vast amounts to charities or churches. It’s important to learn at an early age the value of the dollar. Children learn from an early age how to spend money from their parents. If they are taught to save and spend wisely, money can be a great asset. For those born to wealth, it is especially important to be taught the value of the dollar. They can also be taught the importance of charity and donating. Affluenza makes the misuse of money possible in today’s world, allowing for it be thrown away in hotels, pointless parties, and useless luxuries in life. This happens when the value of the dollar is never taught to our
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