How Is The American Dream Corrupt In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream Ruined The American dream was originally supposed to be prosperity, success, having a family, and being able to provide for that family without worry. Money was acquired through hard work and honesty, but The Great Gatsby presents an entirely different perspective on this dream. One example from the book is the way Gatsby gets his money--through bootlegging. He steped completely out of the guidelines of the American Dream. The American Dream was not meant to be corrupt, but during the 1920s, people like Gatsby used organized crime and other immorally wrong ways to gain their wealth. F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby shows through his descriptions of the characters that the rich are, in general, morally corrupt. The Ruined American Dream presented in the 1920s is corrupt and focused on getting rich quick.…show more content…
Rarely do we see the big picture. The Great Gatsby contains characters that see as well as characters that are blind to the obvious. Nick gets the big picture, having observed everything from a slightly outside point of veiw. He seems to understand everything differently than the rest. He is friends with all the other characters, but is still very observant to their lifestyle. Owl Eyes is another character that sees things as they really are. He discovered that the books in Gatsby's library were "real." Other characters, like Gatsby, only see the past, or characters like Daisy and Jordan only see their own little world and are trapped in it. Its like a haze-they walk around in it because its comfortable, but they fail to realize what is going on outside their social circle, and often times they don't understand their own comfort zone. Daisy, along with everyone else, chooses to be blind to her husband's affair. This last theme is telling us not to shut things out because they are painful. We need to see the truth for what it is and not attempt to mask
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