Advantages of Internet Essay

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The Greatest Invention of Mankind: Internet People’s lives are affected by many types of technology. However, the greatest effect on people undoubtedly is internet. Especially, in today’s world, internet has definitely become indispensable part of people’s life. In fact, life without internet is as unendurable as life without sun. Unless the internet existed, people would feel empty. Thus, internet has easily taken a significant place in humans’ social life in just about 20 years. At home, at office, at school, even while people are walking on the street, internet is always in their lives. Since the advent of the internet, it has made life better. Almost everyone in the world use the internet thanks to several advantages that it offers to people. One of the most advantages of the internet is that it makes everyday life easy with social networking sites. Firstly, to meet new people with similar interests, social networking sites may be an effective way. People can create their own profiles and share their photos, status, interests and goals on these sites like MySpace, which has thousands of members. In this way, to find new friends with similar characteristics is easier than ever. Secondly, the internet has made communication faster and easy through social networking sites. People not only contact with each other by chatting, but also use a webcam for video talk on these sites such as Skype, Viber. Instant messages sent are also delivered to persons in just seconds. This case means clearly convenience for daily life. The second advantage of the internet is online shopping sites. First, when people visit these sites to do shopping, they can compare prices of the products from hundreds of different dealers. Thanks to that, they can easily buy whichever is cheaper and more quality. Secondly, that people do online shopping prevents them from
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