Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Married or Living Solo

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Advantages and disadvantages of being married or living Solo Being married is perceived to be at the end of freedom and the beginning of many problems for example, more expenses, children, more restrictions, freedom in choices and much more. I’m married and I personally feel marriage is far better than my solo days. Here are a few advantages of being married: Love; if you love someone, then marriage is the utmost way to seal the deal. You don’t want to lose that person and want to be with them for the rest of your life as the feeling is the most amazing feeling in the world, then you will want to be with them forever. What better way to show the person you love by marrying them. Marriage is the realistic means of permanence in a relationship. If there is no commitment than there is no real direction for what the future is for you in a relationship. With this security comes happiness. Couples feel positive with their emotions and share their lives and feelings as there is stability and responsibility for each other. The togetherness also improves mental health over the years as couples have less hardship to bear alone and they can share their burdens, reduce stress and improve their emotional health. Having a family plays a large part in the formation and growth of a marriage. With children the relationship grows in different ways. Couples face more challenges and through this they grow stronger and wiser together as they are responsible for their family. Children bring warmth, love and joy and provide a positive and secure lifestyle if parents stay married. There is always the fear of growing old alone. No one wants to be alone as they wrinkle and start to age. It’s always a great feeling when there is someone to care for or for someone to care for you especially as you get older and ill. It’s a thought hard to fathom for the younger people but sharing
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