A Taste Of Stone Soup In My Life Analysis

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“A Taste of Stone Soup in My Life” True love is often hard to find. True love allows independence and individuality in a relationship. A healthy relationship allows the lovers to change and grow in separate ways without one lover feeling threatened. So what happens when one finally finds true love? After falling in love, the next step is marriage. The purpose of marriage is to denote to others your love and dedication to a special person. The promises to love, honor, and obey, to nurture through sickness and good health, and to remain, as one until death are the traditional wedding vows. Most people exchange these sacred vows and expect to stay with their significant other for the rest of their lives. Although these are the traditional wedding vows, times have changed, the exchanging of these vows are no sacred and do not often last. In America, over half of the marriages result in divorce. The impact on a family is detrimental to the family’s substance, the whole being of the extended…show more content…
Barbara Kingsolver, author of “Stone Soup” explains the horrid consequences of divorce involving the whole family with the children labeled as ‘children of divorce. In the past, I assumed a family’s reactions to divorce and the effects it had on everyone were simple and easy to explain. Theses assumptions were redirected to more of a negative route when I went through the trauma myself and got a feel for the beginning of the process. From the outside, divorce appears to be a form of quitting and a way of escaping a situation as Kingsolver explains in “Stone Soup”, “…it’s a lazy way out of marital problems…That it selfishly puts personal happiness ahead of family integrity.” But Kingsolver understands that when you are in the situation it becomes a load that sometimes cannot be corrected and the family as a whole would not prosper any better if the wife and husband remained
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