Adolf Hitler; A Saviour Or A Destroyer?

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One name that is still familiar with society today and still creates controversy all around the world is Adolf Hitler. This man touched and transformed the lives of many citizens around the world, targeting mostly minorities. His life started out with misery, being denied into art school then to gaining enough power to create his own political group Nazism and becoming Chancellor of Germany, a powerful dictator. Hitler was intelligent knowing who to target, the youth; his charisma shined and gave hope to his people. Everything in history could have been different if the treaty of Versailles was different and Germany was not in despair and desperate for a proper leader. Hitler satisfies every criteria of a Great Man by Thomas Carlyle. Though the two key elements that stand out the greatest is, his personality and the circumstances that led him to extreme powers. Hitler was surely no good man though he was definitely a great man. Adolf Hitler had such a way with words that it gave hope to millions of Germans and led them to a belief in a new national, strong Germany. Hitler’s charismatic personality was one of his greatest aspects that were lacking among his political opponents. In 1921 he became the leader of the Nazi party and gained a large amount of support quickly due to his gift for public speaking and attracting the youth as well as the old. Unlike his political opponents Hitler had a great understanding on how to manipulate a crowd with the use of public appearances. He used effective techniques like stage positioning, pausing, hand motions, music, and emotion to appeal to the crowds for the Nazi’s and their objectives. Gaining rapid votes and support for Nazism’s and decreasing his opponents support for Communism, increased his power. His techniques of building up the suspense and creating tensions by keeping the people waiting, then when he feels he has
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