Adept System of Education

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ADEPT is an updated system used for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching. The system adapts to the knowledge that students gain high achievements from the fundamentals of great teaching. Thus, the input of the teacher and the manner in which the teacher disseminates the information plays a very crucial role. South Carolina has acknowledged the ADEPT system for the role it portrays in quality initiatives. The ADEPT system greatly concentrates, not only in ensuring that teachers cover the required content, but it also ensures that the task is completed with the utmost skill. In order to warrant this concept, the quality of education offered should be of high standards to help in student development. The system is also designed to provide assurance that the studies the students receive from the teacher’s guide them appropriately to meeting the career expectations in the job market. Therefore, teachers are required to be conversant with the ADEPT requirements. It is only through this that teachers may be able to enter the professional teaching practice (Grenaney et al., 17). The ADEPT system employs certain techniques to address the performances related to teaching in meeting its goals and objectives through three primary processes. Through (1) assisting the teachers, (2) developing their skills, and (3) evaluating their performance. Authorities tasked with ensuring that proper education is dispensed can be assured that the teachers play their role well. Importantly, all three processes are interdependent. As such, they occur in all steps of teaching. The only major difference that may arise to these processes is the emphasis given to any of them at a given period (Adept: Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, 43). The initial process in the ADEPT system is
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