Accreditation Audit Task 4

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Nightingale is accredited with Joint Commission accreditation. Along with this accreditation comes the responsibility to comply with the standards that Joint Commission has detailed in their requirements. Joint Commission’s role is to assist healthcare organizations to measure, assess, and improve their performance. These standards concentrate on the facility’s safety, quality service, and patient care. Joint Commission has laid out a strategic and detailed set of expectations that hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use to ensure they are in compliance with health laws. At Nightingale we seem to be in compliance with a number of these standards. According to a recent periodic performance review we are in compliance with the Joint Commission standards in the Emergency Management requirement section. The EM develops a plan in case the facility has an emergency that includes the planning of activities of hospital administrators and leaders. This plan should include details that would identify what an emergency is, how it would be communicated to the staff, and what arrangements will be made for the facility. We are also in compliance with our Human Resources department. The Human resources department ensures that all staff members and workers at a hospital facility are competent to undertake the task their job description provides. They also handle the responsibilities and evaluate performances. Infection Prevention and Control department assigns a team that is responsible for developing a plan for infection prevention and control activities. This should involve minimizing any potential risks for infection at the facility. The information management department has also been in compliance with JC. This department ensures that information is secure and is organized in a manner that is easily accessible. It is also required to have an action

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