Acc/280 Financial Statement Analysis

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Financial Statements ACC/280 May 01, 2012 Edward Vargas Financial Statements Accounting is extremely important by monitoring the functions of the companies, and allowing them to make appropriate financial transactions and decisions. Some areas of accounting can seem confusing and difficult but in the end the outcome is clear and concise. There are two basic forms of accounting known as; financial and managerial accounting. Financial accounting responsibilities are to follow the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) that is regulations for investor relations, creditors, and taxation purposes, whereas managerial accounting is for internal evaluation. There are different functions and categories that accounting…show more content…
Balance sheet and income statement within a company are connected by net income. The connection displays or shows the activity of the company’s increase or decrease in equity during a period. Therefore, increases or a gain within an organization is conveyed as the equity portion on a balance sheet. However, a balance sheet displays the company’s liabilities, assets, and investors’ equity. The balance sheet connects to income statements, in turn also connected to cash flow statement. Occurrences or a change to the net cash activities of the cash flow statement affects the balance sheet. The balance sheet is useful when estimating the potential of the organization in order for them to achieve there long-term mission. However, cash flow statement displays the exchange of currency among an organization and external agents. For example, the cash flow can be affected when the company purchases products, and if the costs of the products are an outstanding amount in turn it will affect the assets on the balance sheet. The cash flow statement studies the organizations transactions and puts them into categories such as, operating, investing, and financing

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