ACC 290: The Four Financial Statements

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The Four Financial Statements Merced Villalobos ACC/290 January 11, 2012 Eleazar Pando The Four Financial Statements There are four basic financial statements. The first statement is an income statement that shows the companies’ revenues and expenses. The second statement is a retained earnings statement that shows the amount and causes of changes of retained earnings in a given period of time. The third statement is a balance sheet that shows what the business owns and what it owes. The fourth is a cash flow statement that shows where the business got earnings in a period of time and where that money was used. Each statement describes specific key points people have to consider when running a business. When starting a business people need to think about what type of business or organization they want to start. People think about personal likes and come up with ideas as to what type of business they want to establish. Then the person needs to decide which form of organization they will start for their business. They have three choices sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Sole proprietorship business is simple to set up and gives one person full control of the business. A small retail store is an example…show more content…
The users are experts in accounting who identify, record, and communicate economic events of their business to its appropriate users. These users are divided in to two groups, internal users and external users. Managers who plan, organize, and run their business are an example of internal users of accounting information. Examples of these managers include marketing managers, finance directors, company officers, and production supervisors. Investors and creditors are examples of external users of accounting information. Investors make the decision to buy, sell, or hold stocks and creditors evaluate the risk of selling on credit or lending

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